ACD Casting Spotlight: Taco Mac Commercial, "NEW Scorpion Sauce"

Guess who cast this tongue-tingling commercial for Taco Mac, "NEW Scorpion Sauce"? (hint: it rymes with The Matlanta Crasting Pirector). Thank you to everyone involved. It looks great!!


Google Science Fair 2014 Commercial

We're excited to have been a part of the new commercial by Somesuch & Co. Worldwide Production Services film for Google - Shot in Atlanta with Russell Katzman our Line Producer, Cheryl Louden-Kubin at The Atlanta Casting Director . Thank you to everyone involved. It looks great!!


Meals for Monologues 2013

With the holidays upon us, let’s give back to a great cause and celebrate Atlanta’s acting community at the same time!

Members of the Casting Society of America, CSA, will be participating across the nation.  Please join us for the Atlanta event, hosted by The Atlanta Casting Director.

When & Where: